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After Last Year's Absence, Apple Could Be Prepping Black Friday Deals for 2016

Black Friday is Nov. 25
Deals & Shopping
November 22, 2016

Apple isn’t a company known for offering product discounts. That could change on Black Friday, Nov. 25.

In a Tuesday email to customers, Apple calls Friday “our one-day shopping event.” If true, this would be a big change from Black Friday 2015.

Last year, Apple didn’t offer a single deal on the biggest shopping day of the year. At the time, Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts said her company was skipping Black Friday promotions to be “good to … employees” and not force them to work long hours.

It wasn’t always this way.

In 2014, Apple offered Product (RED) iTunes gift cards with select purchases, including $50 cards for iPhones and iPads, and $100 cards with Mac purchases. These promotions didn’t match what the company offered a year earlier.

A year before, instead of iTunes cards, Cupertino provided Apple Store gift cards on select Black Friday purchases. This included a $150 gift card on any MacBook purchase and a $75 gift card on the purchase of the then-new iPad Air.

It will be interesting to see what Apple has planned for this year. You’ll know soon enough. Apple has published a special Black Friday page that will be updated as deals are announced.

We’ll be highlighting Black Friday and Cyber Monday iOS-related deals in the coming days.

Which Apple products would you like to see discounted this holiday season?