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Leafythings Is an All-Inclusive Directory App for Cannabis Users and Vendors in Canada

December 16, 2020

In 2018, Canada became the first major economy to legalize cannabis for both recreational and therapeutic purposes.

This is cause for celebration not only for the nation’s marijuana users, but for everybody in the country, with the marijuana industry projected to add $8 billion to Canada’s GDP through cultivation, delivery, retail, packaging, and marketing, and the various supply chains supporting these activities.

But there’s still a missing piece of the puzzle: discovery. Despite the change in the law, the age-old challenge of finding a reliable source of safe, high quality, the reasonably priced product is still with us.

Until now. Leafythings is a brand new app for iOS and Android devices that helps you make sense of this brave new world of legitimate suppliers, dispensaries, doctors, delivery services, and of course deals.

It’s a great platform if you’re involved in the supply chain, too, whether you’re engaged in cultivating, delivering, dispensing, or prescribing.

The app uses a simple, intuitive interface that lets you browse by a number of different categories. As a potential cannabis customer, you can peruse the service by brand, delivery service, doctor, mail order supplier, and even by deal in case you’re only in the market for a bargain.

Whatever you’re looking for, a user rating system ensures that you won’t be disappointed. By clicking on a product – a brand of marijuana, say – you can see at a glance whether it’s any good and then click through to the written reviews for more detail.

And once you’re satisfied that you’ve found what you’re looking for, all the steps for contacting the supplier, ordering the product, and so on are right there. It’s as easy as ordering fast food.

Naturally, you can browse by supplier, too, and you can even browse on an interactive map to see which products, dispensaries, and suppliers are in your vicinity.

Of course, Leafythings isn’t just Uber Eats for cannabis. It also contains up-to-date, relevant information about Canada’s cannabis laws and the latest movements in this exciting young industry.

To check it out, download Leafythings right now on the App Store and Google Play – but please note, this app is only available in Canada.