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learn iOS app programming

Learn iOS App Programming in a New Way With Meng To

Credit: Hacking UI
Designer, coder, and author Meng To at work
August 7, 2017

Several years ago, Meng To, a young man from Cambodia studying in the United States, was forced to leave the U.S. because of a lack of a degree. Unable to get a permanent residency visa, To packed his things and began traveling the world. Along the way, he wrote a book on coding and designing. Now, he’s launching version two of his book to help you learn iOS app programming, and you have the opportunity to follow its progress.

Putting Thoughts About How to Learn iOS App Programming Into Writing

Putting Thoughts About How to Learn iOS App Programming Into Writing

Designers were treated like rare commodities. They deeply cared about the craft. Hard work was rewarded, encouraged and always justified. There were meet ups at every corner.

- Meng To

Meng To began his career in web development. Eventually, he found it was better to learn iOS app programming and design, and began a new journey. After his design work was noticed on Dribbble by a San Francisco startup, To was able to get a temporary visa to live and work in the Bay Area. He felt at home there, since designers were coveted and treasured.

To decided he wanted to become a better designer through writing, so began to put his thoughts together in a single line each day using Day One. Those single lines evolved into tweets and paragraphs, then blog posts.

Day One Journal
Day One Journal
Bloom Built Inc

On to Hong Kong and Japan, and Writing a Book

On to Hong Kong and Japan, and Writing a Book

Some time later, To moved on to another startup, this time in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong was very open to bringing the San Francisco culture into the city, To still felt right at home. He continued writing his blog posts, which would come to be read by millions of people from all over the world.

In Tokyo, To began learning to work anywhere and started his first book. He’d left a lot of details out of his blog posts, and dove much deeper into the subject of designing and coding in the book. Eventually, his book was finished, a product that helped many people learn iOS app programming. It was also part travel biography, incorporating photographs from among the thousands that To shot using his Canon 5D Mark III, from every city he visited. He included every Sketch source, photograph, and user interface that went into making the book.

Not the End of the Story

Not the End of the Story

The outcome of To’s journey and travels, design + code, was a success, and To decided to dive even further into the subject. Now, he’s beginning work on design + code 2, and is offering early access to the “beta” of the book. He’s allowing himself two months to design and code his biggest iOS app to date, writing about the entire process.

The new book will have twice as much content to help you learn iOS app programming, integrated videos, coding exercises, and Swift playgrounds. He’s also going to be including a full-blown iOS app to accompany readers on their journey of creating their own apps.

If you’ve ever thought about trying to learn iOS app programming, To is presenting a unique way for you to learn it. You can subscribe to the “beta” of the book and app at Product Hunt. Even though it’s only recently been announced, design + code 2 already has almost 500 subscribers, and more are joining every day.