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Learn the Meaning of True Friendship in Bird Alone

Learn the Meaning of True Friendship in Bird Alone

July 13, 2020

Bird Alone is a unique new game about friendship and being together.

Bird Alone

You’ll find the loneliest bird in the world and become best friends together. Each day, you’ll guide the bird through its daily worries in a beautifully animated world filled with life and music.

When your friend has a question to ask or something to share, you’ll receive a notification to enter its world.

Some days, the bird will ask questions that can be only answered with a drawing framed in the game’s Art Gallery. You can also work with your friend to help the bird finish incomplete poems.

Each day when you play music with the bird, you’ll unlock a new seed that can be planted in a musical garden. The garden will grow and blossom into a musical instrument. You can also head to the waterfall that plays theremin-inspired music while birds sing along.

And the entire world is a feast for your ears. Each leaf makes and sound and when the seasons change, the entire soundscape morphs into something new.

As a fun touch, the game will mirror your real world. So when it’s night where you are, it will be night in the game. It will also match the weather and moon phase wherever you are.

Bird Alone is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for $2.99.

Bird Alone
Bird Alone
George Batchelor