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Lords Mobile Developer IGG Donates Coronavirus Supplies to Hospitals in Canada

April 20, 2020

IGG – the studio behind smash hit MMO Lords Mobile, among other games – has spent the past couple of months helping to mitigate the global coronavirus crisis.

First, it created a coronavirus relief fund, before donating a huge number of medical supplies – N95 masks, surgical gloves, etc – to hospitals in the areas most affected in Asia.

After that, the studio’s international branches got involved, with offices in Belarus, Japan, the US, Brazil, and elsewhere going to great lengths to source and distribute medical equipment. Individual team members sometimes traveled great distances to collect or dispatch supplies.

These supplies, including masks and gloves, have been making their way to institutions in Italy, Korea, Japan, and the US, where the City of Fremont Police Department, Stanford Hospital, and Kaiser Permanente Medical Group have all been grateful recipients.

Now it’s Canada’s turn. IGG has just made donations to Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, and Nikkei Seniors Health Care and Housing Society, ensuring the most vulnerable are getting the equipment they need to help shield them from the virus.

So far IGG has donated over 2.05 million items of medical equipment, to every corner of the Earth, and there’s almost certainly more to come.

IGG watchers will be well aware that the company likes to get involved in philanthropic endeavors. Last year War Child UK and Make-A-Wish International were among its beneficiaries.

For War Child, IGG sold a special Armistice Pack through Lords Mobile and donated the proceeds, while for Make-A-Wish players were invited to design a fantasy castle with a playground theme. The winning design was turned into a castle skin and sold in-game, with the proceeds from the first two weeks going to charity.

This will surely go down as a bumper year for IGG’s charitable arm, however, and you can do your bit to help out by washing your hands, avoiding social contact, staying indoors, and playing Lords Mobile.

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