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Lords Mobile Publisher IGG Wants to Invest in Your Project

November 22, 2019

It’s not easy getting a mobile game studio off the ground. Development, publishing, R&D, and advertising all cost money, and without a decent bank balance you’ll struggle to achieve your dreams.

What you need is a helping hand from a bonafide mobile gaming giant.

And here’s one now. IGG, the studio behind megahits like Lords Mobile and Mobile Royale, is on the hunt for investment opportunities. So if you’re a developer looking for your first big break, this may be the most important article you’ll ever read.

It doesn’t matter what kind of investment you need. IGG wants to hear every kind of pitch, whether you’re after somebody to acquire your company, publish your game, or become a silent partner. If it makes sense financially, IGG is listening.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, IGG is one of the biggest mobile game studios in the world. Based in Singapore but with offices all over the place, IGG is a global behemoth, dominating the charts in every territory.

The company’s smash hit games include Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, Mobile Royale, Kingdoms Mobile, Clash of Lords, and several others. Together they represent billions of dollars’ worth of revenue for IGG, and the studio is looking to put that money to work cultivating the next generation of mobile gaming greatness.

The studio has covered pretty much every genre in its time, from real-time strategy to bingo to RPG, with themes including the military, fantasy, and sci-fi, among many others. There’s even a social networking platform, WeGamers.

That makes IGG a very deep pool of experience, expertise, and of course lovely green cash. If you’re a small developer starting out, you need all three, so get in touch with IGG right now to make your pitch.

Just email [email protected] and provide the following information.

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