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Lyd Provides an Unofficial Way to Control Sonos Speakers from Apple Watch

July 3, 2019

It might be a surprise, but there’s no official Apple Watch remote controller for Sonos speakers. But if you’re looking for an unofficial option, Lyd has just been updated with a number of new features.

From an Apple Watch, it’s easy to control music, change the volume, and change the playlist on any Sonos speaker in your home.

It’s also possible to select a radio station from Sonos favorites. You can even add speakers to a current group to play music on multiple speakers in a home.

The app also allows control of Sonos speakers in more than one home.

On the Siri face on any Apple Watch, the app will learn your routine and suggests when to use it during the day.

Lyd can be downloaded now on the App Store for $1.99.

Lyd - Watch Remote for Sonos
Lyd - Watch Remote for Sonos
Alexander Heinrich