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MagicPin Lets You Digitize, Organize, and Trade your Disney Collectible Pins

August 5, 2021

Disney collectible pins only came into existence in 1999, but a huge scene has already grown up around them.

It’s estimated that there are more that 60,000 of these pins in circulation, commemorating everything in Disney’s huge portfolio of brands, from Goofy to the Millenium Falcon. The rarest pins sell for as much as $5,000, so it’s big business as well as big fun.

But the pin-collecting scene can be off-putting for newcomers, full of hard-won expertise gained from countless visits to Disney parks around the world. When you pick your very first pin at a Disney gift shop, the prospect of building up a whole collection can feel a bit like setting out to climb a mountain.

MagicPin, from developer S&P Holbrook, is your cable car to the top. This ingenious app brings the pin-collecting scene into the digital realm, allowing you to easily organize, identify, trade, and share knowledge with your fellow collectors.

The app’s rich AI-driven database gives you easy access to fascinating background information on all of your pins. All you need to do is scan them with your smartphone camera, after which your pin will appear in your virtual collection. MagicPin even crops out the background, to make everything neat and tidy.

Your pin collection can be organized into categories like movie, brand, or whatever – or you can create your own custom categories for your own ease of reference. Either way, you can present your collection on special digital pinboards, for that all important finesse.

For a small subscription – $1.99 a month, $19.99 a year, or $99.99 for life – you can access MagicPin’s trading features, allowing you to sell your unwanted pins, buy pins you’ve been desperately craving, and compare notes with other collectors.

To get started, download MagicPin for free right now on the App Store or Google Play.