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Major HeartWatch Update Arrives With Health News Section and Much More

August 5, 2021

HeartWatch has always been a great choice for anyone looking to better understand all of the health information collected by an Apple Watch. Along with heart rate trends, it also shows information like pulse oxygen levels and ECG information.

One of the major additions is a unique news section. Instead of the latest happenings from around the world or an updated sports score, the app will give you more insights about your health.

Select the News button on the bottom panel to select a morning briefing that shows your key health information or highlights about your fitness trees.

You can also view data in new information titles including Sleep Time, Restfulness, and many more.

The app has also added a new ECG graph with a new interactive view. It will also showcase the basics regarding an ECG reading.

Other additions include the ability to add measurements like weight from you phone and metric for body fat, lean mass, and waist size.

If you’re wanting to better understand your health, HeartWatch should be on the top of your list. It takes the information captured by the Apple Watch and gives you actionable way to improve your health.

HeartWatch is for the iPhone and Apple Watch and is a $3.99 download on the App Store.