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Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen is a Brilliant Mixture of Idle Mechanics That's Available for Pre-Order on the App Store Right Now

August 5, 2020

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen is an intriguing mix of genres and ideas, and it’s available to pre-order on the App Store right now. Alongside the exciting gameplay, you can expect a story about togetherness and fighting back against the darkness that can sometimes consume society.

In the game that darkness is represented by Wraiths. These gloomy creatures feed off fear, anger, anguish and despair and it’s up to the Masketeers to beat them back before they can infect the whole world.

The Masketeers themselves are imbued with the powers of the masks. You’ll collect these as you play, and putting them on will change your stats. Attaching runes to the masks makes them even more powerful.

While the core of the game sees you engaging in idle battles with dread monsters, there’s also an orb-matching feature. Connecting orbs of the specific masketeer will power up your special moves, and you can chain them together to unleash enhanced attacks, combining multiple chains like this will charge up and release the devastating Astral Burst.

One of the main ideas in Masketeers is that you’re never alone – both in the game and in real life. You’ve got a team of fighters surrounding you, but there are other elements that help you in the scraps and scrapes as well.

First, there are Wisps. These are cheery pets that accompany you into battle. They can make your attacks more powerful and strengthen your defence too. On top of that, they’ll occasionally grant special orbs that can really change the flow of combat.

Then there are Charms. These are special moves you can throw in at certain times in fights or even use to improve your resource gain and battle effectiveness. They’re incredibly important if you want to get deeper into the game.

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen blends together enough elements to create something very interesting indeed. You can pre-order it from the App Store right this second by clicking right here, and doing so will snag you some amazing rewards when the game is launched.

And if you want more information, make sure you check out the game’s official website by clicking here.

The game will arrive on October 6.