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Maybe Dark Mode Is Coming to Apple's iOS 10

Apple's Software
June 16, 2016

Apple launched a dark mode for Mac with OS X Yosemite in 2014. Since then, we’ve been hearing rumors that a similar feature was set to arrive on iOS. On Monday, Apple unveiled iOS 10, which doesn’t include a dark mode feature. Or does it?

Developer Andrew Wiik (via AppleInsider) has figured out a way of turning on a dark mode setting in Messages when running an iOS 10 simulation on a Mac. Wiik suggests that the technology isn’t finished yet, which makes sense since it’s not included in the first iOS 10 beta. He added that the technology, even in its current state, is “app wide.”

As AppleInsider previously noted, Siri isn’t exactly coy when you ask her to “turn on dark mode” in iOS 10. Instead of giving a generic response, the voice assistant says that it’s “not able to change that setting.”

We could see dark mode arrive in future beta versions of iOS 10. Or, like Night Shift, the technology could launch in a future iOS 10 version, such as iOS 10.1 or iOS 10.2. Night Shift arrived with iOS 9.3.

One place where a dark mode is coming later this year is on Apple TV. The feature is part of the recently introduced tvOS 10. Apple TV this fall with tvOS 10.

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