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Meet i.dime, a Simple and Easy Way to Expand Your iPhone’s Storage

Add up to 256GB to your iOS device
June 20, 2016

Even though friends don’t let friends by a 16GB iPhone, there are a huge number of users who struggle daily with keeping enough free space on their handsets to take a video or download an app.

But a new Kickstarter project is looking to make those storage woes a thing of the the past.

Storage on a dime

Storage on a dime
The system features three different dongles to work with a number of different devices.

The system features three different dongles to work with a number of different devices.

Called the i.dime, the system is a bit different than other popular add-on storage like Leef’s iBridge or the Hyper iStick.

Shaped like a round coin, it can add up to 256GB of storage to your iOS device. It can be used with a number of different devices, including a regular or Mac or PC, with one of three included dongles – a regular USB, micro-USB, and Lightning.

The system also features two add-on accessories, a case and external battery. With the case, you’ll simply snap on and lock the i.dime onto the built-in slot to access the additional storage.

With the companion app, users can manage the additional storage and view content. One of the nicest features is that you can take photos and videos directly onto the i.dime instead of filling up a phone’s storage.

Make a pledge now

Make a pledge now

Right now, for an early bird pledge of $48 or more, you can reserve a 32GB i.dime that comes with the three different dongles. For $10 more, you can reserve the i.dime and case in one of five different color options. For $87, you can snag an i.dime, case, and external battery.

You can also choose 64, 128, and 256GB versions of the device for a bit more.

All pledge rewards are slate to arrive in November.

With the next-generation iPhone slate to arrive sometime in the early fall, i.dime said that the product will work with the “iPhone 7.” If the phone launches before the product ships, which is very likely, anyone who pledges will be given a choice to receive a case that fits the new handset.

Currently, with 27 days left to go in the campaign, more than $21,000 has been pledge on a goal of $50,000. So it looks like the i.dime is well on its way to becoming reality.