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Minecraft Earth Brings Augmented Reality to the Popular Block-Building World

May 17, 2019

Microsoft is jumping head first into augmented reality gaming with the announcement of a new Minecraft game for iOS and Android devices.

Minecraft Earth will bring the popular brick-building world to life in the new title.

A headlining feature of the app is many different mobs. Gamers will be able to discover new variants and populate different builds.

Much like Pokemon Go, you’ll be able to explore different locations to gather resources and take on different challenges.

A multiplayer collaboration mode will allow a player to team up and build even larger structures at full size outdoors.

You’ll also be able to take on Minecraft mobs in a battle for survival.

The game will arrive in beta sometime this summer. You can learn more about the game and the chance to sign up for beta access at the game’s official site.

When it officially lands in the App Store, the game will be free to play.