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Moment's RTRO App Updated With New Instant Film Option

November 17, 2020

Originally launched earlier this year, RTRO by Moment brings a retro vibe to your photos and videos.

And the app has just been updated with a new effect, Instant Film.

Moment worked with filmmaker Casey Warren to study instant film and how the chemical process made each photo unique. The emulation is seen in the viewfinder in real-time and you can even control the intensity of the effect.

The effect is part of RTRO’s Analog Effects Engine that allows the creation of unique effects based on dozens of variables. That ensures that you’ll see something new each time an effect is used.

RTRO is for the iPhone and can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. The free version features three free looks to try out.

All of the features can be unlocked with a $19.99 yearly or $3.99 monthly subscription. You can use of all the different looks, shoot videos of up to 60 seconds, and take advantage of other features like real-time subject tracking.