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Moon++ Provides a Truly Accurate Lunar Complication for Apple Watch

September 26, 2019

David Smith, developer behind great Apple Watch apps like Pedometer++ and Activity++, is heading to the stars with his latest app.

Support for the Series 5 Compass

Support for the Series 5 Compass

Aptly named Moon++, the app was born out of a simple frustration on the Apple Watch. Apple’s beautiful moon complication doesn’t accurately show the moon at your location. But the new app fixes that problem.

You can select from a number of different complications fo each watch face. As a nice touch, there are two different ways to display the moon – a more accurate version or a simplified outline.

Using the app, you can see the current location of the moon in both azimuth and elevation. Rotate the Digital Crown to shift back and forth through time.

Anyone with a Series 5 watch can also use the built-in compass to help show you where the moon is located.

Only for the Apple Watch, Moon++ can be downloaded now for $0.99 on the App Store. The independent app can also be downloaded directly from the Apple Watch App Store in watchOS 6.

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