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Morpho Makes Conversion Fast and Easy

Morpho Makes Conversion Fast and Easy

March 22, 2021

The new app Morpho wants to make conversion easy.

Morpho Converter

Getting the information you want just takes a few seconds. Open up the app and type the number. You’ll then see all of the conversions that you’ve selected as favorites. It’s that easy.

There are more than 175 unit and 170 currencies to select from.

A long press on the screen brings up additional options including copy the result, copy the full text, or do the reverse conversion.

You can add an home screen widget to keep track of a conversion throughout the day without having to open up the app. It’s also possible to use Siri to get a conversion wit just your voice.

Currency conversions can also be added into custom Shortcuts.

On the Apple Watch, you can launch the app from a complication or always see the latest currency conversion.

The app should definitely be high on your list if you need to convert anything throughout the day. While it takes some time to get all of your favorites customized on the main screen, once that's done the app lives up to its billing.

Morpho Converter is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

You can unlock the Pro tier with a $0.49 per month or $3.99 yearly subscription. You can also make a $14.99, one-time purchase.

Pro users can take advantage of on ad-free environment, hourly currency updates, unlimited favorites, and themes and icons.

A Mac version of the app is also available.

Morpho Converter
Morpho Converter
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