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MOXY Gets You Informed, Engaged and Participating in Politics

May 11, 2020

The majority of Americans believe that democracy is broken, which explains why they tend to avoid going to the polls.

Barely more than 50% of eligible voters actually vote, which means our worst fears are true: our representatives really don’t represent most of us, while corporate lobbyists are free to tuck the nation’s lawmakers into their pockets like indentured, wish-granting genies.

Thankfully, you can fix that by engaging with the system, and the easiest and most effective way of doing so right now is to download MOXY, a non-partisan platform that allows you to communicate with your local, regional, and national representatives and generally put your finger on the pulse of government in the US.

The app is built around eight keystones: elections, forums, live streams, chat, podcasts, surveys & polls, elected representatives, and legislation.

Let’s look at those in more detail. The elections feature of the app allows you to view any elections that are happening locally, regionally, or at a national level. It gives you details about the candidates, and information on polling and ballot measures.

The forums provide a space for you and your fellow politics enthusiasts to exchange ideas and participate in respectful dialogue with political strangers – a lost art in these divided times. The chat function, meanwhile, lets you send messages to friends, colleagues, community leaders, and elected representatives.

Live streams allow community leaders and representatives to quickly broadcast updates from the front line, while a rigorously curated selection of podcasts gives you material to digest while you’re out and about. Or at home. It’s really up to you.

The legislation aspect of the platform lets you see proposed and enacted laws, along with salient details, so that you can see clearly how the workings of government might come to impact your life.

Surveys and polls are what they sound like – tools for getting broad, numerical data concerning people’s stances on a variety of topics. And the elected representatives section lets you learn about and connect with your representatives from the local level all the way up to the national. It even lets you review and rate them.

MOXY is free to download, though you can pay a subscription to remove ads and perform a live stream once a day. If you pay more you can increase your daily allowance of these live streams, start a podcast, create a chat, and more.

You can download MOXY on the App Store now. It’s also available on Google Play.