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Naked Labs launches a home body scanner for fitness that connects to iOS

The new product is available to preorder now for $499 plus shipping, and it indeed connects up to Apple's iOS
Connected Fitness
April 15, 2016

Are you serious about personal fitness? Really serious? Then Naked Labs' recently announced and available-for-preorder “Naked” home body scanner could be the product you've been looking for.

This interesting product can be yours for $499 plus shipping. But before you gag at the price of what looks like a simple mirror, read on. Naked Labs, the folks behind the Naked body scanner, explained online that this is indeed more than just a mirror: through disrobing (mostly) and standing before the magic mirror, Naked is able to perform a body scan that captures data on body volume and fat percentage. During the scan, you stand on a plastic turntable (which doubles as a scale), and this spins you around periodically.

Track your volumetric body fat %, accurate body measurements, and weight.

Of course, the idea is that users can track weight change over the course of an exercise program, for instance. But Naked Labs' CEO, Farhad Farahbakhshian, added that some beta users have even been able to track pregnancies through the scanner. “Our users have loved beind able to see their bodies' changes,” he said.

Inside a dedicated iOS app, users of the scanner can see how different parts of their body have increased or decreased. If you're working the weights, you could notice an increase in your arms, for example.

As mentioned, the interesting body scanner can indeed be yours for $499 (plus shipping). For more information on the Naked scanner, including the option of preordering one of your own, click this link. The scanner is expected to ship in March 2017.