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Nanogram is a Standalone Telegram App for Apple Watch

July 29, 2021

The messaging app Telegram continues to grow in popularity as more users flock to the cross-platform and encrypted service. But there’s one big gap, especially for iPhone user – the Apple Watch app requires a nearby iPhone.

But if you’re looking for a way to use Telegram on the wearable device without that restriction, the new app Nanogram is definitely for you.

From the same team behind the great Apple Watch apps FlickType and WatchNotes, Nanogram is fast and easy to use.

Probably the best feature is that the app is completely standalone. That means you can use the app without an iPhone nearby, you just need a cellular or Wi-Fi signal.

You can send, receive, and send messages directly from the app. It also offers complications so you can quickly open the app from a a watch face.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the app also supports FlickType to type messages on the watch.

Nanogram is free to download on the App Store. You’ll need an Apple Watch Series 3 running watchOS 7 or later.