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Nanoleaf Light Panels

With Rhythm, Your Nanoleaf Light Panels Can Now Sync With Music

November 8, 2017

The Nanoleaf Light Panels (formerly called Aurora) are one of my favorite smart home products of the past year. The triangular plastic panels, which you attach together and place on a wall with small connectors and sticky strips, allow you to create unlimited light shows, courtesy the free Nanoleaf app.

Recently, Nanoleaf introduced a new module for the lighting panels, Rhythm. The add-on turns your panels into a real-time music visualizer. In doing so, it visually remasters your music into animated displays of color and light.

Take a look:

Adding Rhythm to your existing Nanoleaf Light Panels installation is a quick process.

First, make sure your firmware has been updated to at least version 2.1. You can check using the Nanoleaf app under Settings/Firmware update. Next, plug the Rhythm into a free port on your Nanoleaf Light Panels setup.

Wait for the indicator light to stop blinking and then press the center triangle to turn the Rhythm on. You’ll receive a notice within the Nanoleaf app that your Rhythm has been installed. From here you can add Rhythm light recipes.

Syncing the music playing on your iPhone with your Nanoleaf Light Panels is automatic and doesn’t require a special app. Additionally, as the video below shows, Rhythm can also sync with your voice and home stereo.

Smart lighting products continue to gain in popularity. If you’re looking for something unique for yourself or as a gift, consider Nanoleaf Light Panels. For something even more special, add the Rhythm module too.

If you don’t currently have Nanoleaf Light Panels, you can purchase a starter edition that includes nine panels and the Rhythm module for $229.99 from the Nanoleaf website. Separately, the Rhythm is priced at $49.99.