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Nest Cam IQ

The Nest Cam IQ Camera Mixes Real-Time Video, Sensors and More

May 31, 2017

Nest Labs, Inc. has introduced a new webcam for smart homeowners. The Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera is now available through pre-order for would-be buyers in the United States.

Featuring a 4K image sensor with 8-megapixels, the Nest Cam IQ offers 12x digital zoom and high dynamic range (HDR) imaging. Two 940 nm infrared LEDs allow the camera to also work at night. An HD Talk + Listen Audio feature offers noise suppression and echo cancellation for a clearer audio.

Other features, per Nest, include:

  • Built-in Security. — Nest Cam IQ encrypts your video on-device before streaming and storing video content, using 128-bit AES with TLS/SSL secure connection. With two-step verification, you can select an optional extra layer of security for your Nest account, and with automatic over-the-air updates, your camera can be automatically updated against the latest threats.
  • Person Alerts. When Nest Cam IQ identifies that there’s a person within the camera’s field of vision – rather than a pet or a shadow on the wall – it can send a special alert with a curated zoomed-in photo. Person alerts is only available on previous Nest Cam models with a Nest Aware subscription.
  • Supersight. When customers check the app to see what’s happening, they’ll see a high-definition picture-in-picture experience, including a full 130-degree view of the room, and a close-up tracking view of the person in the home. That means you can see the details of a face, as well as the overall context of the room.
  • Familiar Face Alerts. Powerful face recognition learning technology is used to identify, categorize and teach Nest Cam IQ to differentiate between family members and strangers. This means you’ll know when your child gets back from school, or when an unrecognized person enters your home. Alerts can refer to people by name if you identify familiar faces within the Nest app.
  • Intelligent audio alerts notify you about things that the camera can’t see, including a person talking or dog barking. These new alerts will also be made available to existing Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor customers with a Nest Aware subscription. So Fido could help alert you to a stranger lurking outside, or simply alert you to the fact that he’s driving the neighbors crazy by barking all day.

The Nest Cam IQ will arrive soon in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland for €349 EU, £299 GBP. Pre-orders will be available in Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain beginning June 13.

The Nest Cam IQ is expected to ship by the end of June.