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NeuraBoot Helps Manage Mental Wellness in a Few Taps

November 7, 2019

Thanks no doubt to our turbulent times and the endless technological distractions of the 21st century, life is getting more stressful by the day. And stress is notoriously difficult to manage, or even recognise.

According to a Thrive global survey, 91% of Americans believe that failing to heed the warning signs of stress has negatively impacted their health. 75% of respondents to the same survey expressed a desire to learn more small, everyday steps to improve their mental wellbeing.

Meet NeuraBoot. This ingenious lifestyle coaching app from Sun Productions teaches its users to cultivate healthy new habits to replace their unhealthy old ones. It encourages wellness, self-care, and emotional strength using gamification.

Yep, not only does it help you to become a well-rounded, happy person, but it kind of turns the process of getting there into a fun game.

The app identifies five necessary conditions of a healthy mind: Fuel, Energy Release, Awareness, Connections, and Challenge. To achieve those conditions you’ll be encouraged to take daily actions aimed at replacing anxiousness, sorrow, and anger with confidence, compassion, and focus.

The better get at this, the better you get period, your negative mental habits replaced with nice, positive patterns of thought and behaviours.

First you need to log your moods, using a simple dual slider interface. If you place your slider on the negative side of the mood spectrum, NeuraBoot will suggest fun and easy steps to get you into a better frame of mind. Keep taking these steps and you’ll end up reprogramming yourself to skip the negative stuff altogether.

NeuraBoot has crisis links and notifications, too, alerting your designated support system when you’re in need of help and connection. No other comparable app has this feature as far as we’re aware, even though a support system is perhaps the most important wellness tool a person can have.

You can download NeuraBoot right now on the App Store.

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