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NeuralCam Night Video Helps You Shoot Brighter and Clearer Clips in Dark Situations

NeuralCam Night Video Helps You Shoot Brighter and Clearer Clips in Dark Situations

October 26, 2020

The iPhone 11 and later features a great Night Mode for photography that can help shine a new light on photos taken in dark conditions. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t adapted the feature for video.

NeuralCam Night Video

But if you can’t wait for Apple to provide a native solution, the new app NeuralCam Night Video uses AI technology to help you capture brighter and clearer videos and night.

The video app features five different captures settings.

Day is for day shots with lower light or scenes with high dynamic range. The app won’t brighten the video but will use a denoising (noise reduction) algorithm.

For indoor shots tor use with semi-low light, the Dusk mode uses some brightening along with a higher frame rate to maintain sharp subjects.

In the Night mode , the app uses a longer exposure time along with a denoising and frame interpolation algorithms for a bright and clear video. For even darker scenes, Night+ will show some blur but offer a bright, noise-free video.

There is also a Time-Lapse mode.

Each of the modes can be used with a gentle light feature. That will turn on the flashlight at a low level to keep the video still and natural without bothering anyone. It can also be used in complete darkness.

NeuralCam Night Video can be downloaded now on the App Store for $4.99.

To use the app, you’ll need to have an iPhone with an A12 or higher chip that uses Apple’s Neural Engine. That’s the iPhone XR and newer.

NeuralCam Night Video
NeuralCam Night Video
Neural Cam SRL