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Niantic’s New Game Peridot Features Adorable AR Pets

May 11, 2023

Well-known for the smash hit Pokemon Go, developer Niantic is looking to bring some of that magic to its latest creation Peridot.

The AR game focuses on adorable creatures also called Dots. Each is 100 percent unique so no players will ever have the same kind.

Brining the old-school Tamagotchi to the digital age, you can help them live their best lives and help preserve them for future generations. So you’ll definitely want too make sure they are feed.

You can play with them in fun ways including playing fetch and dressing them up in fun costumes with hats, bowties, mustaches, and much more.

And that’s far from all the fun you can have with the creatures. Just like with Pokemon Go, the game wants to get you out and exploring. Each Dot is curious about the world around you and could even uncover hidden items depending on where you explore.

To show off your creature, you can also take photos and videos to share with friends and family or post to social networks.

Once Dots hit a certain age, you can work with other players to create a new generation of creatures and to diversify the species. Since each Dot is unique, each new hatchling is a completely new creation.

A number Peridot Archetypes resemble familiar animals like cheetahs, unicorns, peacocks, and more. Its even possible to combine rare traits and pass them on to new Dots.

While playing with the Dots, you will also learn about their mysterious past.

Peridot is a free download now on the App Store for the iPhone and all iPad models. There are in-app purchases available.

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