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Noisy Book Helps Any Story Come Alive

Noisy Book Helps Any Story Come Alive

October 15, 2019

The new app Noisy Book uses an iPhone or iPad to help bring any story to life for children.

Noisy Book

Designed for both younger and older readers, the app uses new CoreML and Natural Language Processing in iOS 13 to help work its magic.

When reading a book, the iOS device will quickly process what is being said and automatically provide sounds effects. There are more than 600 to take advantage of. So, for example, when you read the word car, there is a short car horn beep.

On the device screen, you can see the words being read and fun visuals effects as well.

Overall, the experience really does add a new level of fun to any book. Parents and older children can read any book or even create a story of their own.

When making a unique story, you can save it in the app to read later. In just a few clicks, the story can also be made into a PDF to be shared or printed.

No matter what is read, the app also understands what is spoken and makes an educational quiz about the main parts of the story.

All of the language processing is done on the device for safety and security. Along with English, the app supports Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese.

Noisy Book is available to download now on the App Store. It’s designed for the iPhone and iPad.

A $0.99 in-app purchase unlocks the ability to save more than one story.

Noisy Book
Noisy Book
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