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Nokia Healthcare Products

Nokia Healthcare Products Return to Apple Retail Stores

Connected Fitness
July 19, 2017

Nokia healthcare products have returned to Apple retail stores in the United States and Canada. The move comes two months after the two companies reached a business cooperation agreement, thus ending infringement lawsuits dating back to 2016.

Body Cardio
on Amazon
* price at time of publishing was $179.95

The products once again available through Apple include Nokia’s Body Cardio Scale, Body+ Scale, BPM+ Blood Pressure Monitor, and Thermo Thermometer. Each was originally sold under the Withings brand, which Nokia acquired in April 2016.

In December, Apple removed all of Nokia’s accessories from the company’s online and retail stores. This followed Nokia’s decision to file dozens of patent infringement lawsuits against the iPhone maker. Apple quickly countersued.

The two companies announced a settlement agreement in May.

We strongly endorsed Withings products and can’t wait to see what Nokia brings to the table. For more on the Nokia healthcare products, visit the Nokia health website.

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