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Nomad Wireless Charging USB Hub

Save Time With the Clutter-Free Nomad Wireless Charging USB Hub

May 9, 2018

The Nomad Wireless Charging USB Hub is a low-cost solution for families and individuals alike. Here’s a brief look at this must-have accessory for your iPhone X and other mobile devices.

Wireless USB Hub
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* price at time of publishing was $79.95

With the introduction of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 last fall, Apple finally embraced wireless charging technology. Corded devices, however, remain and should for some time. This is where the Wireless Charging Hub by Nomad comes into play.

Priced at $79.95, the black hub’s capable of charging up to five devices at once. Better still, it does so without making a mess thanks to its clean cable management system.

Juice up your wireless iPhone by placing it on the top of the Nomad Wireless Charging USB Hub. (Maximum power: 7.5 watts.) On the Hub’s backside, you’ll find four USB ports and a cable routing passage. Use these ports to charge the rest of your devices the old-fashioned way. (You need to supply the cables.)

Looking for more reasons to buy? Steel bars and a rubber base around the bottom protects the device from sudden movement, whether on your desktop or bedside. Plus, LED lights on the top rim show you whether your devices are fully charged. (An ambient light sensor dims these lights at night.)

Inputs include:

  • Wireless top – Max Output: 7.5W
  • USB C Port – Max Output: 3.0A
  • USB A Port – 2.1A output, for fast charging another phone or iPad
  • USB A Ports – 2X 1A outputs, for your Airpods, Apple Watch, bike lights, or other USB charging devices

The Nomad Wireless Charging USB Hub has fast become one of our favorite wireless charging solutions. It’s available now through Nomad and at other retailers.