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Note-Taking App Penbook Updated With Redesign and New Features

Note-Taking App Penbook Updated With Redesign and New Features

April 16, 2020

Originally arriving late last year, Penbook brought a great way for users looking to take notes on iPad.


The headlining feature of the app is more than 100 different stationeries to use that span the gamut from a daily planer to paper for organic chemistry notes. You can use either an Apple Pencil or your finger.

The app has gotten even better with the update to version 2.0.

To better reflect a real notebook, the app offers a three-slate style at the top that shows your books, your pages, and then the page you’re currently writing on. Each of the different slates have an interactive pull tab for quick and easy access.

Another great new feature is optical character recognition. That means you can search for a specific hand-written phrase.

And with Spotlight support, you can search for a notebook from the iPad home screen.

Penbook can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. With that version, you can use all of the stationery and writing features in a single notebook.

A paid subscription of $4.99 per year will unlock unlimited notebooks and allow you to receive access to new stationery and covers as they are designed. You can also unlock lifetime access for $24.99.

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