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Open Up a Window to the World With Immersive Experience App Portal on the Mac

May 22, 2023

Portal takes the idea of an ambient noise app for your iPhone or iPad to a whole new level. It combines sounds from real-life locations and adds in beautiful visuals to create an immersive experience. You can even add smart lights from that sync with the visuals.

A Window to the World

A Window to the World

And that great combination has just made the move to the Mac to provide a window to the world.

Instead of a separate app, the Mac version turns your stale wallpaper into a living paradise. There are more than 80 portals to select from that cover some absolutely beautiful locations that move in real-time.

You can virtually travel from a beach in Saint Lucia to the Scottish highlands and everywhere in between. Along with the full-motion video, there is also audio from the location. Many of the locations are included in spatial audio.

As a nice touch, you can also select to turn off both the audio and motion and just see the portal as a static wallpaper.

Just like the iOS verison, the Mac option can also sync with Philips Hue or Nanoleaf smart lights.

Finding the perfect location is easy in the app. In the portal app, you can see a quick description and then choose Set Surroundings. You can also favorite a location for easy access.

To better integrate into your daily workflow, you can also integrate Portal with macOS Shortcuts support.

If you’re looking to make the most of the app, Portal’s developer recommends using Stage Manager on macOS to experience the most visuals possible.

I’ve always enjoyed using Portal on the iPhone or iPad, but using the Mac version is a new experience. On my 43-inch 4K monitor, the visuals are amazing and a perfect way to have a bit of relaxation while working.

Portal is a free download on the Mac App Store now. The app is also universal for both the iPhone and iPad.

You’ll need a subscription to use the app. There is a free, seven-day trial. After that, you can subscribe for $49.99 yearly or $9.99 per month. You can also unlock the app with a lifetime membership of $249.99.

Portal - Immersive Escapes
Portal - Immersive Escapes
Portal Labs Ltd