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Overcast Podcast Player Updated with New Dark Theme, File Uploads and More

The powerful podcast player becomes even more so
March 15, 2016

Overcast has long been such a powerful podcast app that it has been deemed by us here on AppAdvice a much better podcast app than Apple’s own Podcasts app. And now, the third-party app, which is developed by Marco Arment of Instapaper fame, has just become even worthier of favorable consideration with a new round of improvements brought about by its latest update — a couple of which are exclusive to paying patrons, with the rest available for free to everyone.

New Features for Patrons

New Features for Patrons

When the app was updated to version 2.0 in October, Overcast introduced a new business model whereby the app would be available to download free of charge with all of its key features unlocked, but users who wish to support app’s development could opt to become patrons and be charged a monthly $1 fee with the prospect of getting special features along the way.

And now, patrons get not one, but two special features.

Dark theme with San Francisco font

One of the special features exclusive to patrons is a new dark theme that features Apple’s San Francisco font and, as touted by Arment, “a modern blue accent color for a fresh new look.”

Dark Theme
Dark Theme Main Screen
Dark Theme Smart Controls

Personal Audio File Uploads

Patrons can now upload and listen to DRM-free audio files.

Patrons can now upload and listen to DRM-free audio files.

The other new special patron feature is support for personal audio files. If you’re a patron, you can now upload your own DRM-free audio files via Overcast’s website and then listen to them right within the app. This is particularly useful if you often need to listen to audiobooks, lecture recordings, and podcasts (such as your own or your friends’) that are not available through normally distributed feeds.

New Features for Everyone

New Features for Everyone

In addition to the two aforementioned special features for patrons, the latest update delivers new features for non-paying users of the app.

Smaller, more efficient visualizer

The new version features a smaller equalizer-bars visualizer that is cleverly incorporated within the pause button.

Overcast smaller visualizer
The podcast app now consumes less battery with its smaller visualizer.

As opposed to the older implementation, this is simpler and more efficient and therefore doesn’t amount to significant battery consumption.

Visualizer: before and after.

Visualizer: before and after.

Batch Add or Delete All Episodes

Overcast batch add delete all episodes
Add or delete all episodes in a podcast in one go.

The new version also lets you easily add or delete all episodes in a podcast. Just go to the All tab for a podcast, tap the All button at the top right corner, and then choose whether to add all episodes or delete all of the episodes that have been already added.

Improved Voice Boost and More

The newly updated app boasts an improved Voice Boost feature that activates a separate, custom-tuned profile when the iPhone’s built-in speaker is used for playback.

I’ve developed a separate Voice Boost profile for the iPhone speaker, which boosts volume even further than before while dramatically reducing real-world distortion and harshness, especially with the phone on a flat surface. It’ll never sound like a great full-size speaker — you can’t beat physics — but it’s significantly improved for podcast listening.

- Marco Arment, developer of Overcast

Also in the new version of the app, tapping inactive episodes now adds them rather than immediately playing them via streaming. If you really want to stream, though, you can just tap again.

Overcast tap inactive episodes
Tapping inactive episodes now adds them. Tap again to stream.

Moreover, the directory window now stays open after adding a podcast (as it should) and syncing is now much faster but with much less data usage.

Get The App

Get The App

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 9.0 or later, Overcast is available on the App Store for free, with in-app purchases for optional patronage.

Download the App Now

Overcast: Podcast Player
Overcast: Podcast Player
Overcast Radio, LLC

The app is also optimized for Apple Watch for podcast playback right from the wrist.