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Petal Crash is a Frantic, Retro Arcade Action Puzzler

Petal Crash is a Frantic, Retro Arcade Action Puzzler

November 4, 2021

Step back to the mid 1990s with the new game Petal Crash.

Petal Crash

Taking inspiration from arcade action puzzlers from the decade, the game features both a single player mode and a head-to-head versus mode.

Playing the game is simple. Push a block into any direction and keep going until it hits a wall or other block. You’ll try to lane everything up to create huge chain reactions that lead to big points while burying opponents in garbage.

The game takes place in the land a Florea, a loosely-connected collection of city-states. You’ll try to find the legendary Scared Blossoms and return them to the Royal Garden.

Whoever does that will receive their heart’s true desire.

Each of the blossoms have fallen into the hands of different people. You will find them and listen to their stories in the Story Mode.

There is also a Solo mode where you can shoot for high scores. You’ll only have limited moves in Puzzle Mode. Finally, in Versus Mode you’ll battle another player or the computer.

Petal Crash is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It’s a $6.99 download on the App Store now.

Petal Crash
Petal Crash
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