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Picturelife, the Smart Home for Photos, Is No More

The service for iOS and Mac first launched in 2012
August 22, 2016

One of our favorite photo-editing and backup services has announced its end. PictureLife, which arrived on the scene in 2012, cited the “economic environment and a decreasing quality of service” as the reason for its demise.

Move to SmugMug

Move to SmugMug

Once available for Mac and iOS, PictureLife allowed you to import and then backup images from various services including Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Tumblr, Foursquare, and SmugMug.

It’s that last service that is coming to the rescue for PictureLife customers.

According to an email, SmugMug has “graciously agreed to offer all members of the Picturelife community access to their photos and videos for absolutely no cost or obligation. You will have the opportunity to download your photos and videos for free, and then decide if continuing with SmugMug is right for you.” is shutting down as of today, Aug. 22. A separate email from SmugMug will explain how to access your PictureLife images from that service.

SmugMug allows you to create customized photo websites for as little as $3.34 per month. New customers are entitled to a 14-day free trial.