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Pocket Run Pool Brings a Fun Twist to A Single-Player Arcade Game

Pocket Run Pool Brings a Fun Twist to A Single-Player Arcade Game

May 30, 2018

Playing pool in the real world takes an immense amount of skill. But Pocket Run Pool takes the sport and reimagines it for your iPhone or iPad in a fun, arcade-style game.

Pocket Run Pool

While just like in the real world, the main objective of Pocket Run Pool is to sink the ball into the pocket. But the great twist awards more points depending on what pocket you sink the shot. And those multipliers rotate after each shot.

When playing, if you miss a shot or scratch, you’ll lose a life. Do that enough times, and the game is over.

So instead of trying to play against a computer component, there’s a significant amount of strategy you’ll need to lean on while playing.

There are three different modes of play to select from - standard, high stakes, and insta-tournament. In the tournament, you can go against players from around the world to see who could rack up the highest score.

In the high stakes mode, you can win alternate pool cues and different color schemes for the app.

Pocket Run Pool is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

With an in-app purchase of $3.99, you can unlock a ​number of other features including the Break of the Week and alternate backgrounds while removing insta-tournament buy-ins.

Pocket Run Pool
Pocket Run Pool
Zach Gage