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Powerful iPhone Camera App Halide Makes its Way to the iPad

May 18, 2021

One of the best third-party camera app, Halide, is making its way to the iPad for the first time with a new update.

And instead of simply scaling up the app for the larger screen, developer Lux completely remade the interface.

Since the iPad is used with two hands the critical controls are on the left and right edges of the screen so you can tap your thumbs without losing grip. A honeycomb interface gives you controls right next to the shutter button.

The tablet also features a Pro View to compensate for how the tablet is held when taking pictures. The feature is explained more in a blog post:

Pro View is a toggle that lives in the bottom left of the iPad interface, and it shrinks your viewfinder down so it comfortably occupies the limits of your central vision. It’s a bit larger than you’d find on an iPhone, but small enough to compose shots well and allow lots of extra space. Halide fits some pretty advanced pro tools like a realtime color histogram and RGB waveform, manual focus, and shutter and ISO controls — and they can all be active and easily controlled without overlapping the image in Pro View. Truly, a view fit for a pro.

Hallide Mark II can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

New users will need to subscribe for $1.99 monthly or $11.99 per year. There is also a one-time purchase option for $39.99.