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Pre-Register for Gacha RPG Illusion Connect and Receive Heaps of Rewards

August 24, 2020

Illusion Connect has already made a splash on the other side of the world, having launched in China earlier this year. Now, we’re all going to see what the fuss is about with the game’s much-anticipated global release.

In case you’re not up on your Asian RPG news, Illusion Connect is a gacha strategy RPG in which you collect Bishoujo – adorable cartoon heroes. The aim of the game is to pit your Bishoujo against enemies teams in turn-based fashion.

The action takes place in the Dream World, a sort of invisible parallel realm infested with lurking, evil creatures called Nightmares.

Using the power of Lenses, you need to battle these Nightmares with your team of Radiants. It’s literally a contest between dark and light – a classic setup with an intriguing storyline and polished, vivacious presentation.

Watch the trailer below.

Pre-registrations for Illusion Connect have just gone live, and to drum up business Super Prism Games is offering a number of pre-registration rewards.

First up, you’ll get ten Nightmare Bottle M and 20,000 Gold just for opting in. Then, once pre-registrations reach 100,000, everybody gets 10,000 Crystals and 50 Diamonds, while at 200,000 they all get ten Summoning Certificates, five Large Gift Boxes (purple), and 30,000 Gold.

At the top tier of 300,000 pre-registrations, everybody will get a Mikuki skin, 250 Diamonds, and 50,000 Gold.

In addition, Super Prism Games is holding an Invitation Code Contest, which basically lets you win SSR characters by registering for the game and then sending invitation codes out to your friends.

Illusion Connect looks like a solid prospect for gacha fans. You can pre-register for the game via its official website here, and it also has dedicated accounts on Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, Instagram, and Discord.