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Preregister for EvilBane: Rise of Ravens and score sweet loot

Pocket Gaming
March 15, 2016

There’s a new blockbuster roleplaying game coming soon to iOS, with solid storytelling combined with superb graphics and hard-hitting action. Netmarble’s EvilBane: Rise of Ravens has been in beta release throughout Asia, and has announced preregistration for the game’s release in other markets.

Incredible success as a beta

Netmarble released EvilBane as Raven in parts of Asia in 2015, and the title surpassed more than a million daily users within its first 40 days of availability. The game reached five million downloads within 78 days of launch, and was the top-grossing game in Korea’s App Store in 2015. Chief global officer of Netmarble Games, Seungwon Lee, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming global release of EvilBane:

EvilBane is another great example of Netmarble’s commitment to building the best high quality, live action mobile games. The game’s spectacular and elaborate skill effects are on par with PC games and provide nonstop action sequences that jump off of the screen. We’re pleased to announce EvilBane’s pending release and look forward to sharing this exciting action game with Netmarble fans soon.

- Seungwon Lee

The storyline of EvilBane

A mysterious legacy has been passed down from generation to generation, speaking of humans discovering a way to enchant weapons, armor, and other gear with power using Heavenstones. Eventually, the power grew until the Heavenstones were able to actually imbue power to people’s physical bodies, and the sages took great pains to hide the existence of these crystals, lest the power fall into the wrong hands. Twenty years after the conclusion of the Guardians War, the story begins again.

Concept Art
Concept Art
Concept Art

An exciting release

That storyline sounds intense, and the graphics look absolutely amazing. Needless to say, I’m anxious for the game to release in the United States. Netmarble Games has begun preregistration for the title, and everyone who signs up is guaranteed to be awarded a free rare weapon when EvilBane launches. If 200,000 players preregister, Netmarble promises to upgrade that reward to an exclusive limited edition weapon.

Watch the action, then preregister

You can see a teaser trailer for EvilBane below (click here if it fails to load), and then you should definitely click through to Netmarble’s preregistration page for the game.