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Props is About Sharing Kindness and Inspiring Excellence in the Workplace

March 17, 2020

The thing that motivates people, more than comfort or cash, is recognition. A kind word for a job well done is often a more effective motivator than a pay rise.

Give Some Props

Give Some Props

That’s the guiding principle behind Props Love, an ingenious new app that allows customers to give props to particularly helpful staff members. You can think of it as a sort of Yelp for individuals rather than businesses.

These props can take the form of recommendations, compliments, and notes of gratitude. Significantly, they can’t take the form of negative feedback – Props Love is all about positive reinforcement.

And as a nice little perk, recipients of props can redeem them for real-world rewards such as gift cards from major retailers.

The benefits for individuals are obvious. Just imagine how satisfying your working day would be your efforts were reliably met with praise and encouragement.

But the benefits for business owners and managers are equally clear. Props Love supplies a constant flow of detailed data on what your customers like. Each employee’s strengths and weaknesses are right there in black and white, giving you all the tools you need to help them grow in their roles and enjoy their work to the fullest.

Props Love was devised by George Goodwyn Jr, who owns a construction company in Montgomery, Alabama.

After learning that the staff at his doctor’s office had worked behind the scenes with his insurance company to save him $2,500, Goodwyn Jr was determined to show his gratitude. This led to him thinking of ways to make it easier for happy customers to show their appreciation when employees have excelled in their roles.

And from that seed Props Love grew. The result is an intuitive, comprehensive productivity app that allows users to see their props and strengths, review their feedback, send props elsewhere, request props, read notes of encouragement, and more.

Props Love is free to download and use, though businesses are charged a basic monthly fee to view data about their employees.

Check it out right now on the App Store. It’s also available for Google Play.