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Protect Your Home With the Smanos UFO Camera

The smart product can provide panoramic video capture from a single disc-like object
August 2, 2016

Those of you interested in beefing up on your automated home security might want to take Smanos' UFO camera for a spin. The interesting product, which offers customers a Wi-Fi-connected panoramic camera, can be preordered right now for $149.

The product can be backed on Indiegogo right now, and prices start at $149 for the camera. This is an early bird special, mind you, and so if you're interested you might have to act fast. The Smanos comes with a number of benefits, and these could persuade you to take a punt on the Indiegogo product rather than choosing a more mass-market alternative.

Smanos' main attraction is its panoramic video capture. You can place it on a table top, on the wall, or even upside down the ceiling, and it'll capture a panoramic feed. I also really like that the camera records content on loop onto a microSD card, on-site. You can configure the UFO camera to send out a push notification to your iPhone when the camera detects motion, and you can then launch a companion iOS app to check in on the source of that activity.

The UFO camera isn't just about home protection, though. It also lets users converse with people at home remotely, and in this respect it works great for business trips and the like. Further features include a night sensor (with night vision), full HD recording, indicator lights, and a built-in speaker. Though I'm not particularly comfortable with having cameras inside, in the home, there are clear security benefits and this product looks like a solid option.

As mentioned, folks can back the project to receive a camera from $149, and the UFO camera is due to reach customers in October this year. For more information, including the option of backing the project, click this link.