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QardioBase Smart Scale

Monitor Your Weight and Health with QardioBase Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Just step on the scale to track your weight and sync it with Apple's Health app
QardioBase Scale
May 16, 2016

A smart scale can help you track your weight and get it where you want it to be. A daily or weekly measure of your weight isn’t terribly helpful if you don’t remember from one day to the next what you weighed. Qardio, the company that makes our recently reviewed QardioArm, also makes QardioBase to help you make sense of your weigh-ins.


Once you download the accompanying app, you set up the QardioBase with it, and you’re ready to go. Each time you step on the scale, your weight will be recorded within the app, and synced with the iPhone’s native Health app. In addition to your weight, the scale measures and records your body fat and muscle percentages. The app calculates your BMI and shows it to you on a color-coded chart, so you know if it’s in the underweight, normal, overweight, or obese range. The app will tell you how you’ve been progressing towards your goal weight in the last seven days, along with a smiley, frown, or neutral face to get the message across.

Multiple family members or guests can use the scale, and the scale will sort out who’s who. There is even a pregnancy mode, which I couldn’t personally test out, but I find intriguing.

What I liked

What I liked

Once I got the scale set up, it was easy to use. You don’t even have to open up the app or use your iPhone at all for it to work. Just weigh yourself as you would on any scale, and your weigh-in will be recorded within the app. You do not have to have your phone next to you with the app open for the scale and the app to communicate like you do with the other smart scale I reviewed recently.

It’s great to be able to view your history within the app, either by your weight, BMI, or body composition. You can view it as a list or a chart. You can set reminders if you tend not to remember to weigh yourself.

The data is automatically synced to Apple's Health app, so I don't have to enter my weight manually each day

I also liked that the data is automatically synced to Apple’s Health app, so I don’t have to enter my weight manually each day.

The QardioBase itself is a nice-looking scale, as scales go. Qardio’s website is nice, with an informative health blog and FAQs.

What I didn't like

What I didn't like

I don’t feel that the app is all the way there yet; there are still some bugs. For example, this morning when I weighed myself, the recorded weight was 0.2 pounds higher than what the scale registered. One could argue that 0.2 pounds hardly matters, but why would it record my weight differently from what the scale said at all? My previous daily measurements recorded accurately over my testing period of about a week.

I found it a bit of a struggle to set up in the first place. The scale kept thinking I was a guest when I wasn’t. I contacted customer service three different times with questions and comments, and response time was irregular. Once I got a response within minutes, another time it took three business days (five actual days). I did get detailed and helpful answers when they responded.

Qardio Heart Health, Weight and Blood Pressure Monitor

Bottom line

Qardio Heart Health, Weight and Blood Pressure Monitor Bottom line

While not a perfect product, QardioBase is worth checking out if you’re in the market for a Wi-Fi smart scale. It’s nice-looking, solid, and it takes accurate weight measurements. The app looks good but the 0.2 pound difference I saw in the app from what I saw on the scale one day bothers me.

QardioBase can be purchased on Qardio’s site, Target, or Best Buy. You can also find it on Amazon. The accompanying app is free on the App Store.

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