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Relive Your Best Arcade Moments in the New Retro Space Shooter Astral Defense

July 17, 2019

Take a step back in time when playing the new game Astral Defense.

Inspired from arcade classics like Galaga, the game is a tiny pixel art space shooter.

You’ll tilt an iPhone or iPad to steer the ship and tap the screen to fire on the enemy. Alternatively, you can steer the ship with on-screen arrows.

Each wave of enemy ships is randomly generated and gets more difficult as you progress.

There are six different types of enemies to battle, so you’ll need to collect power-ups and collect ammo to contend with more troublesome vessels.

Along with the retro graphics, the sound effects and chiptune music will help you feel like you’re back at the arcade.

Astral Defense is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the App Store for free. A $2.99 in-app purchase will remove all advertisements.

Astral Defense
Astral Defense
Pixel Pajama Studios LLC