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Rewind: When Lenovo Made Fun of the MacBook Air

This feels all so familiar
All Things Mac
October 31, 2016

It wasn’t too long ago that companies were making fun of Apple for removing almost all the ports on the MacBook Air as well as a DVD-ROM. Today, it feels like the same thing is happening with the new MacBook Pro.

This old video from 2008, the year the MacBook Air arrived, showcases exactly how good Apple is at predicting the future. Not only was Apple right about the super light form factor, but they were right in that most people only needed a couple of USB ports to get things done.

Today, the new MacBook Pro comes with four USB-C ports which can be used for anything from charging to powering up an external 5K monitor. And yet, so many people are up in arms over this.

When will they ever learn?