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Rock Out With the Fun Party Game Bangers Only

Rock Out With the Fun Party Game Bangers Only

July 21, 2020

You can crank up the volume to 11 at your next game night with Bangers Only.

Bangers Only

Get ready to show off your great (or horrible) taste in music with friends and family.

To begin you’ll select one of the many available music category. Then it’s time to secretly select a song, aka a banger. Pass the phone to the next player so they can do the same.

After everyone is done, it will randomize the order of the selected songs. The game then plays the first 60-90 seconds of each song or until the first chorus is over.

When the songs are over, each person will select their choice for the worst tune. The first person to lose three rounds is declared the game’s loser.

Even though the game is compatible with your downloaded music, it’s can also take advantage of an Apple Music subscription to bring even more songs choices.

Bangers Only is designed for the iPhone and can be downloaded now on the App Store for free.

In-app purchases can unlock a new category pack or unlock the ability to play with six to eight players.

Bangers Only
Bangers Only
Jacob VanDyne