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USB-C Power Meter

Satechi's New USB-C Power Meter Helps Protect Against Faulty Cables, Chargers

January 27, 2017

Satechi’s newest accessory – a USB-C Power Meter – is designed to protect an expensive MacBook Pro or MacBook against faulty or counterfeit accessories.

Power protection

Power protection

The small device allows users to measure the Volts, Amps, and mAh output from their accessories to the MacBook or MacBook Pro in real time viewable on the bright display.

As a nice touch, the meter offers pass-through capabilities that will allow anyone to monitor their accessories while also charging their laptop.

Counterfeit Apple chargers and other accessories are definitely a real problem. While you might want to save a few bucks, bad accessories and cables could end up causing you a big headache or even damaging your Apple laptop.

But Satechi’s device could definitely come in handy to make sure any accessory you are using is safe.

You can purchase the USB-C Power Meter now for $24.99.