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Save New New York in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

Save New New York in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

June 29, 2017

Futurama may have been cancelled, but the love for the show lives on. Fans have been clamoring for a new game featuring the cast of their favorite spaceship, the Planet Express. The producers have agreed that the motley crew deserves at least one more mission. Now it's up to you to save New New York in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow.

Freeing the crew takes hard work

The planet is under the hypnotizing effects of a rip in the prophylactc membrane separating dimensions. It all came about because of two HypnoToads falling in love and getting ready to mate. That's where the game begins, right after the near-apocalyptic rip in the space-time continuum.

You begin the game in Fry's scatter-brained footsteps. It's up to you to free the Professor and the rest of the crew from the Hypnowaves holding them all captive. On top of that, you have to save New New York and rebuild it.

You'll undertake various goals and missions to free Fry's friends. Some are heartwarming, and some are downright silly. At the end of the day, it's down to you and your choices.

The game plays very similar to other titles by the developer behind Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow. If you've ever played Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, you'll feel right at home.

It's time for some galaxy-hopping and Hypnowave-clearing fun!

Go on missions in space to achieve victory

The action doesn't take place just in New New York. While there's plenty of work to be done freeing the city from the effects of the Hypnowaves, you'll need to leave the planet to gather some of the thins you need.

First, the Professor tells you about seven artifacts that will clear large areas of the city from the Hypnowaves. You'll visit hostile planets, exploring and seeking out the artifacts. Sometimes, you'll engage in fierce battles with menacing aliens.

You'll also need to acquire Hypnotons, which are awarded for completing missions. Once again, you'll take to the stars to gather the resources you need to free the planet from the waves of lethargy induced by the Hypnowaves.

There are several forms of in-game currency, which you accrue by completing goals, tasks, and missions. Of course, you can also purchase what you need with real money using in-app purchases. The developers have to make money somehow, and Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is a free download without any ads.

Goals for every character

Each character in Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow is driven by his or her own agenda, and it's all in line with the development of that particular personality in the series. Amy Wong and Bender have their own interactions, just as Fry has his burning desire to save Leela that overshadows everything else.

With that in mind, it's not surprising that each character in the game has his or her own unique tasks, goals, and missions. You'll have fun sending Bender off to drink away his paycheck, or encourage Amy to explore her robosexuality.

Overall, though, the characters have a common purpose: to save their friends and crewmates, and rebuilt New New York. Side quests aside, most of the action in the game is targeted at the quest to put things back the way they were before.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow plays much like other games of its ilk, which might seem a bit cliché to some. However, the game is definitely for you if you miss the series as much as I do. You can download Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow now on the App Store, for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow
Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow
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