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Sequel Keeps Track of all the Media You Want to Check Out

Sequel Keeps Track of all the Media You Want to Check Out

August 4, 2022

Use the new app Sequel to keep track of any media you can imagine.


To start, add movies, TV shows, games, books, and audiobooks that you want to check out. You can do a general search or choose a specific category.

For further customization, you can create collections with different media.

When something you’ve added to the app is released, you’ll get a reminder so you will always be on top of the latest and greatest available.

You can also track the completion of what you’ve watched, read, and played.

TV fans can see detailed progress markers for what they are watching. And with iCloud sync, all the data will be up-to-date on your iPhone and iPad.

Sequel is a free download on the App Store for the iPhone and all iPad models.

With the free version, you can add up to 25 items and create five collections.

A subscription to Sequel+ unlocks unlimited items, collections, and release reminders. That’s $2.99 per month pr $25.49 yearly.

Romain Lefebvre