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Social Stream is an Easy, Elegant Way to View Your Newsfeed

View and post across multiple networks with a smooth tool
Digital Communicator
June 22, 2016

Social Stream from Bentley Capital takes your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram feeds and pulls them into one slick and sophisticated app. Browse, filter, sort, or view all of the posts from your social networks in one spot. Quick actions let you repost, comment, or like with a tap. So, for a cool way to view and interact with posts, Social Stream is sleek and simple.

Browse with ease

Browse with ease

The app’s interface is sleek and attractive. As you scroll through your feed, you can quickly see the network it was posted to, by whom, how long ago, and a brief summary. Select any one of them to view the full post, photo, or video right from within the app.

Use quick actions

Use quick actions

The app has handy quick actions that you share posts to other networks, like them, and comment on them. This makes sharing and interacting super fast and easy. Plus, comments can be added right from the main newsfeed screen.

Customize your newsfeed

First, you can customize your feed by using sliders to indicate the amount of ads, media or friends, and popular or recent posts. Next, you can sort and filter the posts you see by network, keyword, user, post type, and more.


From the attractive interface to the handy quick actions to the cross-network posting to the easy filtering, Social Stream is an impressive app. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the app is available on the App Store for free without ads or in-app purchases. So, take a look for yourself and enjoy browsing your feeds in one awesome spot.

Social Stream
Social Stream
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