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Sonos One Bundle

Sonos One Bundle: 2 for the Price of 1 Apple HomePod

January 25, 2018

A new Sonos One bundle arrives just in time to take on Apple and the launch of the HomePod. Here’s more about the special deal.

Sonos isn’t getting upset about the impending launch of the Apple HomePod. Instead, it’s celebrating the release of the world’s newest smart speaker by offering two of the company’s Sonos One speakers at a discounted price.

For a limited time, you can buy two Sonos One speakers for $349, which happens to be the price for one Apple HomePod. Separately, the Sonos One is priced at $199.

Earlier this week, Cupertino announced the Apple HomePod would finally go on sale beginning tomorrow, Jan. 26 in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Friday is also the day the special Sonos One bundle launches.

First launched in the fall, the Sonos One offers Amazon Alexa integration for voice control for some music services, including Spotify.  Apple Music control by voice on the speaker, however, is limited to play/pause and volume control. Later this year, the speaker will become compatible with Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay 2.

According to Joy Howard, chief marketing officer at Sonos:

Sonos One sounds incredible on its own, but the ability to have a stereo pair or have music in two rooms vs. one at $349US feels like it’s an easy choice for those who truly love music. We believe in freedom of choice and don’t want to lock people into a specific ecosystem – it’s why we support more than 80 streaming services globally and will take an agnostic approach to voice assistants as well.

Announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) last June, the Siri-controlled Apple HomePod was supposed to arrive in December. However, a slight delay pushed the launch to Feb. 9 with pre-orders beginning this week.

Pre-orders for the Apple HomePod begin tomorrow, Jan. 26 beginning at 12:01 a.m. PST. You can take advantage of the Sonos One bundle starting tomorrow via the Sonos website.

Will this Sonos One bundle deal make you consider skipping the Apple One launch? Let us know below.