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Soor is a Different Way to Listen to Apple Music on iPhone

Soor is a Different Way to Listen to Apple Music on iPhone

February 28, 2019

Just arriving on the App Store, Soor is a new way for Apple Music subscribers to interact with the streaming service on iPhone.

Soor ▹

The main goal of the app is to improve music discovery using Apple Music. When you open the app, you’ll notice that trending and curated content appears on the main page to help music lovers find new bands and songs.

Users will be able to search, like, share, and add songs from Apple Music.

Along with a well-designed UI, the app offers a number of unique gestures. To help use the app with one hand, you can swipe down to initiate actions and move across different sections.

You can also search from anywhere in the app by pulling down from any screen. Music fans can search both Apple Music and their local catalog.

Drag and drop options also allow you to add one or multiple items to a playlist and more.

Another nice touch is the ability to select from one of three different themes - light, dark, and black.

Designed for the iPhone, Soor can be downloaded now on the App Store for $9.99.

While Soor is far from perfect and missing some major pieces like an iPad app, Beats 1, and AirPlay 2 integration, it’s something to take a look at if you’re wanting something different than the built-in Apple Music experience on iPhone.

Soor ▹
Soor ▹
Tanmay Sonawane