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Spectacles 2

Snapchat's Spectacles 2 are Here, But Does Anyone Care?

April 26, 2018

Snapchat has unveiled Spectacles 2, camera-enabled sunglasses designed to capture both video and photos to share on the social network.

The new model offers a number of improvements compared to the original. Along with being water resistant to withstand brief splashes of water and time in shallow water, Spectacles 2 are slimmer, and a special Wi-Fi mode allows faster transfer of images and videos to an iPhone.

All of the circular images and videos can be seen through the Snapchat app and shared with others. You can capture up to a 30-second video with the glasses.

Users can capture up to 70 videos on a single charge. Recharging is done with the included charging case.

You can order the second-generation Spectacles directly from Snap for $149.99. Buyers can select from two lens shades and a number of different frame colors.

While the original incarnation wasn’t exactly a hit, Snap doesn’t seem by the concept. The bigger question is if the new features will actually drive more users to hardware concept.

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