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Speedtest App Adds New Test for Video Streaming

February 8, 2021

Streaming video is a big part of how many of us keep entertained. And the popular Speedtest app has just added a new feature to help you make the most out of your Internet connection.

The Best Streaming Video Experience

The Best Streaming Video Experience

According to the company, many Internet providers routinely prioritize video differently than other types of traffic. That makes it possible for video to act differently than other Internet activities, no matter the speed.

The new feature plays an actual video to measure streaming on the network.

After you play the test, the app will tell you the maximum resolution on your current connection and what devices will work at that level, anything from a phone to a TV.

You can access the test by selecting the Video tab on the bottom of the app.

The Speedtest app is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models along with the Apple TV. You can download the app now for free.